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Bridging Businesses between U.S. and Japan



Service Overview

IPD provides a comprehensive set of services to companies wishing to enter the Japanese market or to improve existing business relationships. This starts with understanding of your business. With few exceptions, the Japanese market expects companies whose offerings have already shown some traction in the US. After we conduct due diligence and determine you are ready, we will develop a strategy and initiate contacts with companies we consider promising.

Oftentimes contacts can be initiated in the Silicon Valley, where many Japanese companies have their local office, and IPD has a working relationship with them. Actually, we constantly communicate with major Japanese companies in the Silicon Valley who are on lookout for new technologies and businesses.

Each case is unique and requires individualized approaches. We tailor our offering to your needs depending upon your stage of market development with Japan. Some may be just contemplating to enter the market while others may have already developed some business relationships with Japanese companies. Based on your needs, we can provide flexible services ranging from market analysis to full-fledged market entry including the establishment of a Japanese subsidiary.

If you are brand new into the Japanese market entry, we recommend the 3 phase entriy as follows:

  • Phase-1: Use our pre-entry service, which conducts business development and sales activities without establishing the office in Japan, including marketing, media attention and any other activities as virtual office from the US. Business opportunities are pursued opportunistically and no serious efforts are made unless clear revenue opportunities are expected. Because of this setting, the recurring staff/office costs are not necessary. This has been proven to very successful. Since this is not often used or mentioned approach, please see here for detail why this is an excellent approach at the early stage of the Japanese market entry here. Also see our success stories here.
  • Phase-2: Use an outsourcing service in Japan, which is an extension of the pre-entry service. IPD still provides management but out partners in Japan conducts business for you. Those partners have good sales channel to move your products/services.
  • Phase-3: Use a complete service of establishing a Japanese branch, including hiring country manager/other staff members and establishing office space with any arrangements necessary to run the office. Our partners in Tokyo have a number of years of experience to recruit those who are experts in growing business for Northern America based companies.
Our services are very cost-effective compared to other approaches and we are looking forward to serving your needs. Please drop us a line for further discussion.

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