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Successful Launch of MySQL K.K. in Japan

When MySQL was contemplating to enter Japan -a lucrative market with its own requirements, Larry Stefonic, Senior VP of Worldwide OEM and Embedded Sales, hired Zen Kishimoto of IP Devices, Inc. to pave the way. Larry found Zen in an Open Source manner. Zen was a member of an executive advisory board for an OSS company that desired to partner with MySQL. Zen contacted MySQL at LinuxWorld on their behalf, which led him to Larry. The rest is history.

gI was getting ready to enter the Japanese market. I had done business in Japan in the past and am pretty knowledgeable about it, but I needed information that only a local could gather. So I asked Zen to monitor what was going on in the Japan market that was relevant to MySQL,h said Larry. Larry was pleasantly surprised when he saw that Zen could help him plan his complete strategy for entering Japan. gI expected that Zen would just gather information, but he exceeded my expectations. He has a large network of contacts at small and large companies in Japan. With his broad background, he tackled a full spectrum of issues that ranged from support, business development, to sales and marketing. Zen also seemed to know what I wanted even before I did. He is a maintenance free consultant,h said Larry.

This was no surprise to Zen, who worked at an executive level for both large US and Japanese companies as well as US start-ups. gOnce you run an organization or two, you pretty much know what is required at a given moment under a given circumstance. I once told Larry I was a Jack of all trades who could help MySQL feel its way into the Japanese market. Based on my wide experiences, I provided various services quickly and cost-effectively with few instructions,h said Zen. gI can switch from being Japanese to being American, depending upon the given situation. That helps me to connect with people quickly. I am very happy to have made a contribution to a successful launch of MySQL K.K. in Japan.h

MySQL has now established a strong foothold in Japan and is well prepared to achieve further growth. Congratulations to MySQL and to Larry!!

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