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Bridging Businesses between U.S. and Japan



Successful Launch of JBoss Japan Branch at RedHat K.K. in Japan

When JBoss was working on the Japanese market?a lucrative market with its own requirements?JBoss hired Zen Kishimoto of IP Devices, Inc. to pave the way. JBoss found Zen in an Open Source manner; Zen was referred by a trusted member of JBoss.

JBoss had started doing business with Japan. Although it was somewhat successful, they felt that they needed some help to bridge the language and cultural gaps. Coincidentally, one of the JBoss employees contacted an executive in charge of the Japanese market to see if he needed help in the Japan business. With his strong recommendation and Zenfs track record with his accomplishments for MySQL, he hired Zen. He was not disappointed.

Zen mentioned to JBoss that he had numerous contacts in Japan, but JBoss was really surprised that he knew all the important and key people at companies conducting Open Source business. When Zen accompanied JBoss team to visit Japan, he made appropriate arrangements so that they could visit fourteen companies important to JBossfs business in four days, without missing a single appointment. Zen was also quick in establishing working relationships with key JBoss executives and engineers and making everything work smoothly. Lastly, but not the least, Zen activated the Japan JBoss community, who existed but whose activities were limited, by contacting them and bridging them with JBoss.

This is nothing new to Zen, who worked at an executive level for both large US and Japanese companies as well as US start-ups. gAt an early stage of entering the Japanese market, you need a cost-effective way of conducting business; allocating full time employees would be overkill. Much of the early work is business development and marketing to find appropriate companies to do business with. You want to use someone like me who already knows who to talk to. And this someone would be ideal if he had multiple skill sets beyond just business development. Based on my wide experience, I was able to provide various services quickly and cost-effectively with few instructions,h said Zen. gLiving in two worlds (US and Japan) simultaneously is a definite plus. I am Japanese when I talk to Japanese companies and American when I talk to my clients. Being able to speak as a Japanese to another Japanese is a must to really understand their needs and requirements. Likewise, being able to explain what Japanese companies want in plain English is a must to advise US companies. I can switch from being Japanese to being American, depending upon the given situation. That helps me to connect with people quickly. I am very happy to have made a contribution to the successful launch of JBoss in Japan.h

Recently, JBoss has acquired more partners and merged with RedHat, starting a new chapter in the Japanese market as part of Redhat. Congratulations to JBoss!!

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