Internet Protocol Devices, Inc.

Bridging Businesses between U.S. and Japan



Partial List of Our Current and Former Clients

  • MySQL, Inc. (Open Source Database) - Success Story
  • Cardsoft, Inc. (Secure Java Layer Provider)
  • Healthhighway, Inc. (Health Care ASP)
  • 10xSoftware, Inc. (Open Source J2EE Provider)
  • Oblique, Inc. (Networking Equipment)
  • MeshDynamics (Mesh Networking)
  • DartDevices, Inc. (P2P Interoperable Applications Infrastrcture)
  • JBoss (Open Source Application Server)
  • Xerox Parc

We are also constantly talking and networking with major Japanese companies and the Japanese government agencies in Japan and here in the Silicon Valley. Through such discussions, we identify what areas are key interests of many Japanese companies and understand market trends in Japan. The "hot areas of interest" change quite rapidly from year to year. Some of the hot areas now in Japan include RFID, Ad-hoc networking, wireless, open source, security, information/digital appliance and IPv6. Sometimes those companies are looking for specific technologies and business in Japan and elsewhere. If your technology or business fits their needs, it is an instant match. If not, after careful analysis of your technology and business, we will identify suitable companies to team up with for business development. The following is a partial list of Japanese companies and the government agencies we constantly interact with:

  • NEC
  • Hitachi
  • Fujitsu
  • Sony
  • Oki
  • NTT
  • Nomura Research Institute
  • Mitsubishi

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